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Restore Your Mind & Spirit.


Helping Women Thrive.

Contact me and get the support you need to flourish.

Life can be hard sometimes. It’s easy to feel stuck and alone when you are…

  • grieving

  • anxious

  • depressed

  • going through a divorce

  • in a difficult relationship

  • struggling in any area of life

You are not alone! I’m walking here beside you.

When you need help to overcome those challenges, I can guide you toward mental, spiritual, and relational wellbeing.

Let’s Find a Time to Talk

or call us at 314.730.LVWL (5895)
Explore the services I offer:

Meaningful Support for Difficult Situations

Take the next step on your journey with Live.Well counseling services.

Whatever your current circumstances, I can give you tools to achieve your mental health goals.

  • Find relief from your symptoms of anxiety and depression.

  • Experience a safe space to process your feelings around divorce, grief, and loneliness.

  • Heal troubled relationships with the help of an unbiased, supportive mentor.

  • Soothe your spirit through certified Christian counseling.

I guide women and girls through all of life’s ups and downs so you can live well.

Explore the different ways we can work together and help you grow.


Good Counseling Begins with a Good Relationship

I am Denise Tonkin, and I’ve been providing therapy services since 2005. I give my focused attention to my clients as we work together to make positive changes.
Call for an appointment today!
314.730.LVWL (5895)
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