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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to counseling, and curious how it all works? Have you had counseling before, and are wondering how Live.Well might be similar or different? I’ve provided some information below to help you get a feel for my practice.

If you have a question that I have not answered, please give me a call at 314.730.LVWL (5895) or use the Contact form and I will be in touch.

I’m used to handling things on my own. Am I weak for needing therapy or counseling?

On the contrary, reaching out for help takes a great deal of strength! Despite what our culture has taught us, human beings are not created to be self-sufficient.

Counseling simply gives you the opportunity to talk with a trusted ally. At Live.Well, you can expect non-judgmental, unbiased support as you climb toward your goals.

How does counseling work? What should I expect?

Your first appointment is a consultation. We will use that time to discuss your reasons for seeking counseling, and your goals for our time together. You can also expect to fill out a few forms which will give me some background information.


We will then schedule your next appointment, at which therapy will truly begin.


In general, appointments last approximately one hour.


Remember that you get to decide what direction our sessions take! I want you to feel free, easy, and comfortable.
We can talk about anything you want.

I would prefer to take medication instead of doing therapy. Do you prescribe?

For those with difficult symptoms, medication can be an excellent option as part of a holistic treatment plan. However, medication is rarely completely effective on its own because it cannot uncover underlying issues.


I cannot prescribe medication, but I am happy to refer you to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist and I will work together with you to design your unique treatment plan.


Regardless of whether you choose medication, we will address past and present stressors during our sessions and find a path to healing.

Do we have to meet in person every time? Can our sessions be on the phone?

Our counseling sessions can take place either in-person or via secure video-conferencing.


I cannot provide effective counseling over the phone or by email. As humans, we get a lot of feedback from nonverbal communication – facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice. As a therapist, I take these cues into account during these sessions. As a patient, you will naturally take comfort in reading the cues that I send to you.

I’m not comfortable with some people knowing that I attend therapy.
How does confidentiality work?

Our therapy sessions are held in strict confidence. Live.Well is a licensed health care provider, and so we operate under the HIPPA Standards of Privacy. We only release information when it is necessary, and then only to those whom you explicitly identify.


There are very few exceptions to this policy, and they are incredibly rare: life-threatening situations (someone is a danger to themselves or others), or if I am required by law to disclose.

Connect with Me for More Information

or Call at 314.730.LVWL (5895)
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