Denise Tonkin

Professional & Family Therapist

I’ve Come Back from Where You Are

I have dealt with severe anxiety.

In fact, anxiety had completely overwhelmed my life. It was a dark time, and I learned what true hopelessness feels like. Later, when I experienced the loss of a child, I learned a new kind of mental and emotional turmoil. I learned grief.

Though our journeys are all different, I want you to know that I can relate.

With the help of a trusted therapist I was able to turn my struggle into healing. The process took time and effort, but I was eventually able to make meaning out of my difficult emotional journey. I can experience light and happiness once again.


No matter what unrest you are struggling with, you can feel that relief, too.

I learned techniques that can lead to incredible joy and freedom, and I have been teaching them ever since. As a therapist my joy is to help you find your way through the unexpected and overwhelming times of life.

What Does It Mean to “Live Well”?

Healing is a life-long process. I’m honored to be with you on your journey toward mental, emotional, and relational health. Through counseling with me, you can:

  • Find healing, purpose, freedom, and joy

  • Strengthen your personal resolve and inner connection

  • Feel empowered to be your true self

  • Experience clarity on who you are – alone and in relation to others

  • Live with intention

Start Living Well Today!

Let’s Walk Toward Healing – Together.

My passion is to help women heal and find clarity on who they are. I have been a licensed counselor since 2008 and I opened Live.Well Counseling in 2015.

While my areas of expertise are anxiety, anxiety disorders, and grief, I can support you through a variety of emotional issues. When you reach out to me for help with depression, relationship challenges, or any other struggles, you will connect with a compassionate listener.