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Denise Tonkin, LPC

Professional & Family Therapist Since 2008
Founder of Live.Well WV (2015)

Empathy, Professionalism, Experience

I’ve Come Back from Where You Are

Spiritual and emotional darkness are natural parts of the human experience. God has given us the capacity for a wide range of emotions. And God gives us companions who support us on our journeys through these dark times.


I've had the privilege of companionship on my own journey through grief, anxiety, and depression. And in my therapy practice, it's my honor to walk with and support you in your search for true, lasting healing and peace.

Though our journeys are all different, I want you to know that I can relate.

No matter what is causing unrest in your life, I will walk with you toward healing. Women across North Central West Virginia and beyond turn to me for holistic support and compassionate, therapeutic care.


My experience has taught me the value of therapy, integrative medicine, and supportive relationships. Combined, these disciplines promote healing for our minds, bodies, and souls. Since opening Live.Well in 2015, I have expanded my practice to incorporate all aspects of holistic mental health. I would be honored to work with you!


Please reach out to me via the contact form or Instagram to begin a conversation about your mental healthcare needs.

My Approach

Here are some common questions people ask about my practice and my approach to mental and emotional health.

What Does it Mean to “Live Well”?

At Live.Well WV, we view your journey holistically. Through intentional participation in therapy, you can expect major transformations in in all aspects of your life!​


  • Discover healing, purpose, freedom, and joy.

  • Strengthen your personal resolve and inner connection.

  • Feel empowered to be your true self.

  • Find clarity on who you are – alone and in relation to others.

  • Live with intention.


No matter how far away these ideals sound right now, I am here to walk with you until you feel that peace.

How Do Therapy and Counseling Support Mental Health?

As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), I have studied and practiced for many years. I support women and girls by helping them implement strategies to improve their mental health. My joy is rooted in your success as you navigate through the unexpected, the overwhelming, and the painful. 


No matter what, you are not alone. I will guide you in using tools like:


  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy — a way to recognize and disrupt harmful thought patterns.

  • Biblical/Christian-based methods — because our spirituality informs every aspect of our lives.

  • Reality Therapy — focused on the present moment and behavior as choices.

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy — embracing our thoughts and feelings, and taking action that aligns with our values.


While medication and psychiatric treatment can be part of a holistic approach, I am not a licensed psychiatrist. Therefore, if our work together indicates medication might be appropriate for you, I will refer you to a professional who can support you in that aspect of your healing. But don’t worry! I remain committed to our journey together even when you need additional support. 

What is Integrative Medicine?

This holistic approach to mental health encourages us to attend to our mental and bodily health simultaneously. My certification as an Integrative Mental Health Professional equips me to share a wealth of knowledge with you. Our work together gives you access to a whole new world of approaches to overcome your symptoms.


Integrative health acknowledges that God has provided an abundance of non-invasive and natural ways to heal our minds and bodies. Together we will incorporate wholesome nutrition, healing movement, and other healthy lifestyle changes in an effort to heal the root causes of your emotional and physical ailments.

Does Live.Well Offer Support Groups?

We were created to be in relationship with God and each other. To honor this dimension of the human experience, Live.Well periodically offers an opportunity for women to walk together toward our Kingdom purpose. 


Renew is a 6-week series. I invite you to come and rejuvenate your soul in a safe, loving environment. Follow me on Instagram to stay informed about when the next session begins.

Healing and wellness is a lifelong journey. I am honored to be with you every step of the way. 

Start Living Well Today!

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