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What’s the Right Kind of Counseling for You?
Find calm in any storm.

As a therapist, I am committed to providing a safe space and maintaining confidentiality. Regardless of the type of counseling you need, I guarantee a nurturing and confidential environment. All services are geared toward your growth and making positive change in your life.

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

This is your opportunity to talk freely with an experienced therapist. Each session is geared toward your unique goals. You can take the conversation anywhere you like. Individual counseling might be right for you if you need:

  • relief from your emotional burdens

  • techniques to manage your symptoms

  • conflict resolution tools to improve your personal relationships

I work with girls as young as 8, and women of all ages.

Psychology Patient
Group Counseling
Support Groups

Group Counseling

Mutual sharing is a powerful way to give and receive support. I guide small groups of approximately 5 to10 people as we work through a specific challenge together. Each individual is encouraged to express herself, and listen to others.


Group counseling might be right for you if you need:

  • to learn from others who are dealing with similar issues

  • a community around you who shares your goals and interests

  • to feel connected and less alone in your struggle

Spiritual & Emotional Care

Spiritual & Emotional Care

Learn from me as I share my expertise. You will be able to grow personally as we discuss a topic of interest. Sessions are usually one-time or limited-series. Subjects range from:

  • Bible-based devotions

  • mental health

  • community health

Support Group
Community Education
Female Lecturer

Community Education

As a community leader well-versed in mental health issues, I am available to speak at your event. Whether your group is interested in a faith-based or clinical exploration of the topic, I provide engaging and informative presentations that will help your audience improve their lives and relationships. I am able to speak about mental wellness, spiritual XXXX​

My Approach

I am Denise Tonkin, and I’ve been providing therapy services since 2005. I give my focused attention to my clients as we work together to make positive changes.

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